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Moko Hills

Moko Hills 2021 Pinot Noir

Moko Hills 2021 Pinot Noir

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An unsettled spring meant a slow start and gradual awakening in the vineyard and surrounding hills. After warmer temps mid-November, the predictably unpredictable Central Otago climate brought low snowfall, with inclement weather continuing into flowering.

The vines set with small berries on compact bunches bringing great wine concentration and structure.

There was a good amount of rain in January which helped spur good growth and healthy canopies. It then dried out for the balance of the season, aided by howling windstorms through late March and April. We picked the crop, at optimal ripeness and disease free, in the first two weeks of April.

Wine Making

The fruit contained a mix of four Pinot Noir clones – 777, 115, Abel & UCD5. Fruit was split into three fermenters – one containing 100% whole bunch, 70% whole bunch, and the other 100% de-stemmed. Fermented with natural yeast. Gentle winemaking techniques were used to avoid excessive extraction. 23 days on skin, pressed to 100% old French oak barrels. 12 months in barrel, and allowed to undergo malolactic fermentation naturally in spring, before being racked and allowed to naturally settle and integrate in tank. A selection of the best barrels from each ferment which were deemed to represent Moko Hills.

Unfined and unfiltered.
Hand Harvested: 6th and 12th April 2021
Bottled: 8th June 2022
pH: 3.67
TA: 6.1g/L
Alcohol: 13.5% v/v

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The Label

Kawarau Gecko – Pinot Noir

Each wine has a unique art piece, representing a group of species that embody the encapsulated characteristics of the wine. A homage to these species and a promise of protection.

The Pinot Noir label is encapsulated with the Kawarau Gecko (Woodworthia “Cromwell”). Representing the true soul of Moko Hills – the tie between the earth below and what we see above. The Mokomoko | Kawarau Gecko can often be seen basking on the warm schist outcrops during the peak of summer.

The Kawarau Gecko is accompanied by Korokia (Corokia cotoneaster), a divaricating shrub found throughout the schist outcrops along the slopes of Moko Hills. Korokia has spring blooms of small fragrant yellow flowers followed by yellow-orange berries in late summer. Both these are depicted on the Pinot Noir label, signifying the transition and importance of each season. Korokia fruit is a valuable food source for Mokomoko | Lizards, and its zig-zag structure acts as a safe refuge.

Artwork created by the talented Rachel Walker | Walkerillo

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